One Pizza to Rule Them All: Meet the Big Kahuna!

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When you think of the word “supreme”, what comes to mind? For us, it’s three words: THE BIG KAHUNA.

So. Many. Toppings.

The association makes sense: packed to the brim with everything but the kitchen sink, the Big Kahuna remains the reigning Coconut Kenny’s pizza choice. In this year’s March Madness Pizza Playoffs, it handily beat out its competitor, the Waikiki pizza – taking home 62% of the vote! 

There’s something for everyone with the Big Kahuna pizza: it’s topped with classic red sauce, and features a variety of meats like pepperoni, ham, bacon, and two types of sausage. But that’s literally only half of the good stuff: we also add red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions and black olives for a bite that’s jam-packed full of flavor and texture, every single time!

As our co-owner, Chay Tan, describes in a recent video: “The Big Kahuna is proof that you can throw A LOT of toppings on a pizza – and make it work!”

Our Secret: A Crust that Won’t Quit

One of our secrets to making the Big Kahuna pizza a success is our world-famous Coconut Kenny’s pizza crust, used for each of our pan-style pizzas. For a topping-laden masterpiece like the Big Kahuna, a thin crust simply won’t cut it: nothing’s worse than a weak or soggy crust that doesn’t even make it to your mouth before collapsing!

We like to think of our signature crust as a marriage between Greek-style pizza crust, known for its crisp bottom layer and fluffy top, paired with Brooklyn-style edge-to-edge toppings. Coconut Kenny’s crust is thick, but not heavy or bready, providing the perfect surface for the pizza that has everything – and avoiding the classic “soggy-bottom” pizza dilemma. The outside of our pizza crust is baked with cheese, allowing for extra fortification – and that ultra-satisfying crunch with each bite. 

And good news: if you’re one of our gluten-free friends, we’ve got an incredible GF crust that’ll check all your boxes. It’s a crowd-favorite with our regular customers, and is frequently mentioned throughout our online reviews. Here’s a few pieces of feedback that are sure to earn your trust:

“The best ever gluten-free crust. I’m not even gluten-free and am now only interested in this pizza crust. Pretty much = mind-blowing!”

Carly Q., Google Review

“The selection is fantastic, and they’ve got one of the best gluten-free crusts I’ve had.”

Josh H., Google Review

“Great crust and interesting specialties. Hands down best gluten-free crust I’ve ever had (and I’ve had A LOT.)”

Rebecca M., Google Review

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Pro tip: grab a Big Kahuna and enjoy it for days to come! The hefty size of the pizza and the abundance of toppings means that you’ll get to enjoy leftovers – or, grab a pie for dinner and feed a group! It’ll easily serve multiple appetites, especially if you’ve got kiddos at home – and when it comes to leftovers, our pizza (and its scrumptious crust) reheats with no problem. We recommend a few minutes in the air fryer or the oven to keep the crust crispy and ready to deliver all the toppings straight to your mouth.

“This is one pizza pie you’ll never forget! One pizza can serve 3 decent appetites or 2 gourmands. We always eat two (huge) slices each, and take the other two slices home for lunch the next day. We’re never disappointed!”

User sho1627, TripAdvisor

And, if you’re looking for a discount, meet your new favorite day of the week: Big Deal Thursdays!  This’ll get you the Big Kahuna at $10.99 for a small, and $21.99 for a large (that’s almost $10 off!). Perfect for feeding the whole family… or eating an entire pizza by yourself, guilt-free. (Your secret’s safe with us.)

Ready to Grab a Big Kahuna?

Head in to your local Coconut Kenny’s to enjoy a slice with us. Or, order online and enjoy at home! Be sure to check out our daily specials to save some extra cash on extra delicious food, especially our 3pm – 5pm Happy Hour Monday through Saturday, daily Pie & Pint special from 11am – 5pm every day, and Fun Day Sunday where you can get $5 off any large pizza.

Are you a Big Kahuna fan? Let us know what your go-to Coconut Kenny’s menu item is below!


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