Kenny's salads

Fresh ingredients with our in-house dressings!

Coconut Kenny's Catalina Salad

Catalina Salad

Fresh Spinach, Grilled Chicken Breast, Crisp Sliced Apples, Feta, Topped with Candied Pecans & Dried Sweet Cranberries. Served with a Side of Apple Cider Vinaigrette.

Coconut Kenny's Beach Salad

Beach Salad

Romaine Lettuce, Sliced Turkey and Ham, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Black Olives, Cheddar Cheese & Croutons. Your Choice of Dressing

Coconut Kenny's Baja Salad

Baja Salad

Romaine & Spinach Mix, Kalua Pulled Pork, Green Peppers, Mango Salsa, Cheddar Cheese & Crispy Fiesta Chips. Served with Tangy BBQ Sauce & Ranch

Coconut Kenny's Pukana Salad

Pukana Salad

Romaine Lettuce & Fresh Tomatoes Topped with Grilled Chicken Breast, Sautéed Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Red Onions & Crispy Noodles. Served with a Sweet Onion Vinaigrette

Coconut Kenny's Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

Fresh Romaine, Croutons, & Grated Parmesan Cheese. Served with Caesar Dressing.

Full or Half-size available. Add Chicken or Ham.

Coconut Kenny's Garden Salad

Garden Salad

Fresh Romaine, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Black Olives, and Croutons.

Full or Half-size available. Add Chicken or Ham.